Who We Are

ProbeTheNet is one of the projects of the Research Arm of Wizard. This tool was designed and implemented to perform various research projects which require a robust, fast, and simple way to scan the complete IPv4 address space for various statistical and investigative initiatives. This is a White Hat project, and all queries are designed to be extremely randomized so that it has very little impact on the internet it probes. Probes are normally conducted only once per month. Our development team has developed various trade secrets and methods on how to do this effectively. If you wish to know more about our technology and capabilities, please visit the Wizard website and contact the business contacts there. If you REALLY want to know how we do the Magic, we only hire mute mages with no access to email at all, so they can't spill the secrets.

What We Do

Our Probes are designed to report on the usage patterns of various services on the Internet. Sometimes this involves identifying the hardware, the location, the operators, the behaviours and sometimes even the software that make up the 4,294,967,296 possible addresses. Most of the time these are for our own internal research projects, sometimes it is for threat analysis and security related information, and occasionally we perform custom probes, but typically only to gain meta data, rather than specific information about any one IP Address.

"Can you tell me how many people are using our software in Namibia?"

Probably, and we do take on some probes like this, but only from authorized parties, and only share meta data, but usually we don't need to probe the whole internet for that, but taking on the odd commercial probe does offset the costs of our research efforts. If there is a probe that you would like to commission, you can ask, but we can't promise to do it, especially if it isn't for the best intentions. Our Probes are designed to report on the usage patterns of various services on the Internet.

WE LIKE to share. Take a look at recent probes. We try to share some of our findings that we believe everyone will find interesting. MAYBE if you have a great idea for a probe, we might take it on pro bono if it is in the public interest.

Just don't ask us to provide you with a list of hackable devices and their locations. We won't do that.

What We Don't Do

We NEVER attempt to abuse, hack or disrupt any service on the Internet.
We NEVER hide who we are. We identify ourselves in every probe and only utilize our own IP Space.
We NEVER attach private information to our Meta Data that we provide to unrelated 3rd parties.

Disclosure 20th June 2024

At this time we are not affiliated with, conducting any probes, or sharing any data, or meta data with any government affiliated organizations. If at any time we either do so, or are forced to do so, we will publicly disclose such a relationship.