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While ProbeTheNet is primarily part of the research arm of Wizard, ever since we started sharing some of our summary results, we have had interest from other parties to get a more detailed report of the Meta data we collect. For example, usage across ASNs or countries and the gainers/decliners in each category.

If you are interested in a subscription for some of our existing data sets, please ensure that you indicate 'subscription' in the subject line of the contact form below

We have also been approached by several vendors that wish to analyze the adoption rate of their products across the internet, or in specific regional, country, or ASN, so we also do some custom requests to gather additional specific information during the course of our regular probes. While we cannot guarantee we will accept your request, feel free to inquire about custom probes.

If you have a suggestion for an additional metric we should be reporting on, (e.g. Operating Systems, latencies, etc) that you think would be of interest to the general public, please let us know about those as well.

-- ProbeTheNet Engineering Team --

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