Web Service Result (Top 10) Server Demographics by ASN Apr 16 19:59 2017 PDT
Automated Report

The following is a small sampling of the results of this months probe(s), which allow us to determine Server Numbers and distribution in various categories. This is a listing of the number Server(s) listed by ASN as could be determined by information available from Team Cymru Research. Note: This information presents a 'best effort' to determine server counts vs IP counts, and is subject a margin of error

Rank # ASN (#) Name Country ISO IP Counts
1 (20940) AKAMAI-ASN1, US European Union EU 3,258,886
2 (4766) KIXS-AS-KR Korea Telecom, KR South Korea KR 2,216,540
3 (16509) AMAZON-02 - Amazon.com, Inc., US United States US 1,666,263
4 (16625) AKAMAI-AS - Akamai Technologies, Inc., US United States US 1,356,333
5 (14618) AMAZON-AES - Amazon.com, Inc., US United States US 869,817
6 (37963) CNNIC-ALIBABA-CN-NET-AP Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd., CN China CN 858,773
7 (12430) VODAFONE_ES, ES Spain ES 698,657
8 (16276) OVH, FR France FR 633,463
9 (4837) CHINA169-BACKBONE CNCGROUP China169 Backbone, CN China CN 625,317
10 (7922) COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US United States US 595,318

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