Web Service Result (Top 10) Server Demographics by Country Jun 14 14:51 2016 PDT
Automated Report

The following is a small sampling of the results of this months probe(s), which allow us to determine Server Numbers and distribution in various categories. This is a listing of the number Server(s) listed by Country as could be determined by GeoIP and other information. Note: This information presents a 'best effort' to determine server counts vs IP counts, and is subject a margin of error

Rank # Country ISO IP Counts
1 United States US 23,679,773
2 China CN 4,032,389
3 South Korea KR 2,475,302
4 Japan JP 1,662,276
5 Germany DE 1,583,414
6 France FR 1,166,498
7 Great Britain GB 1,083,367
8 Russia RU 995,014
9 Brazil BR 991,973
10 Spain ES 919,379

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