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Our Probes are designed to report on the usage patterns of various services on the Internet. Sometimes this involves identifying the hardware, the location, the operators, the behaviours and sometimes even the software that make up the 4,294,967,296 possible addresses. More

Scan of the IPv4 Space, Web Services (Port 80 Open)Mar 23 22:00 2018 PDT

This probe is to discover all the currently accessible web services (Port 80) to discover IP Address that are listening for connections, and to audit changes, analyze demographics and create meta data on worldwide distribution. The data set will be used for later advanced probes, that report on web service information.
Note: Simple TCP probe, only to Port 80, max 3 times/month/ip

Total IPs:3,673,399,864

Total IPs scanned:3,418,316,800

Total IPs remaining:255,083,064

Percentage completed:93.06%

Port 80 TCP scan started Mar 13 12:05 2018 PDT

We started a new scan moments ago. This is a non-intrusive TCP scan for research purposes.

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SMTP scan started Feb 22 15:56 2018 PST

We have started a new SMTP scan. Our scanner may connect to your SMTP server and then disconnect, and we will only be connecting to servers that we found had port 80 open. We are gathering information on the SMTP servers in use.

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Scan of Publicly Accessible WebServices completed! Feb 22 14:55 2018 PST

This month's scan of the publicly accessible Web Services (Port 80) is now complete. We have gathered data that will be used in later reports, in order to publicly share information such as the number of servers of a specific type that operate around the world, including demographics etc. If you wish to have access to the Meta data of this probe, we do offer subscription access. As well, we can provide specific information sets on a custom basis. Numbers may fluctuate on a month to month basis, depending whether dynamically assigned IP Addresses are included in the results.

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HTTP scan started Feb 19 2:58 2018 PST

Our recent scan finished. We have started a new HTTP scan. As usual, our scanner will identify itself by its user agent.

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